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Tampere University Student's Handbook

The Doctoral School studies and services for all doctoral researchers

The yearly course curriculum of Tampere University Doctoral School complements the instruction offered by the university's doctoral programmes. The joint doctoral studies offer a wide range of courses that meet the competence needs of doctoral researchers, and enables you to choose courses that best suit your personal study plans and personal goals as a highly skilled expert. The courses and other events organised by the Doctoral School are open to all doctoral researchers who conduct their research in the faculty-based doctoral programmes.

Instruction is offered both in English and Finnish, which supports international doctoral researchers and internationalisation at home. The joint doctoral studies organised by the Doctoral School bring together doctoral researchers from several fields of study, and develops your multidisciplinary skills.

The Doctoral School is not an administrative body that handles admissions to doctoral studies or grants funding. The doctoral programmes in each faculty are the home base of each doctoral researcher, and source of field-specific information and degree guidance.

Further information about doctoral studies and doctoral programmes.

The courses for doctoral researchers offered by the Doctoral School

The courses and resources offered by the Tampere University Doctoral School help you identify and develop essential skills related to research, research methodologies, research ethics and communication. You will be able to select courses that meet your needs from over 50 courses that the Doctoral School offers on a yearly basis. We offer English-taught courses both online and on campus. The courses organised are designed to support different phases of the doctoral process.

The curriculum consists of courses on a range of transferable, researcher and methods skills. The courses are repeated in alternate semesters. You can choose courses that train you in

  • managing your doctoral research process
  • the basics of scientific research
  • research method skills
  • communication competence.

Read more about the Doctoral School's yearly course schedule in the Student's Guide and Sisu:

The yearly course curriculum is designed in cooperation with the doctoral programmes to meet the guidelines of the University. The Doctoral School supports all doctoral researchers to develop their interdisciplinary, transferable and researcher skills, and promotes international mobility and well-being.

Welcome to the Doctoral School events and Teams Group

In addition to the yearly course curriculum, the Doctoral School organises events and numerous open lectures on a variety of pertinent topics. We host the Orientation Day in Finnish and in English in the beginning of each semester. You get to hear about the key services available to you as well as gain concrete tips on how to plan your research work. Join the wide network of doctoral researchers in the open Teams Group TG-Doctoral School!

More information on the process of obtaining a doctorate:

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For more information, contact: doctoralschool [at] (doctoralschool[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Published: 28.1.2019
Updated: 21.2.2024