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Tampere University Student's Handbook

The Doctoral School studies and services for all doctoral researchers

The Doctoral School organises teaching that complements doctoral programmes' own courses. The Doctoral School is not responsible for the selection or admission of doctoral researchers and is not a body awarding degrees or funding. Instead, the Doctoral School offers high-quality courses for all doctoral researchers at the University of Tampere.

Further information about doctoral studies and doctoral programmes.

The Doctoral School's versatile courses for doctoral researchers

The Doctoral School's joint doctoral studies bring together doctoral researchers from multiple disciplines and faculties. The courses prepare doctoral researchers for multidisciplinary work. The range of courses is based on the European Commission's Competence Framework for Researchers ResearchComp and the annual courses are planned according to the university's policies in cooperation with doctoral programmes.

The Doctoral School offers more than 50 course implementations yearly that help doctoral researchers build different career paths in demanding researcher and expert positions inside and outside the university. You can include the credits from these courses in your doctoral degree. The Doctoral school offers courses in five areas of competence: 

A pie chart showing five competence areas of the 2024-2027 curriculum. These include Planning and managing the doctoral project, Foundations of scientific research, Critical thinking and methodological competence, Researchers' communication competence and Work community skills and expert careers.

Read more about the Doctoral School's yearly course schedule in the Student's Guide and Sisu. In both, you can search for the entire course list of the Doctoral School with the prefixes TAU.TRI. You can also download a list of Doctoral School courses below.

Chart showing the different stages of a doctoral degree. Starting phase: planning and managing the doctoral project, foundations of scientific research. Mid phase: Critical thinking and methodological competence. Finishing phase: Researchers' communication competence. Through all phases: Work community skills and expert careers. Finally: Graduation.

The course contents are aimed at different stages of doctoral dissertation. Some of the courses are organised every semester, some in alternate semesters or years. Please note that studies in research ethics are compulsory and it is recommended to complete them at the beginning phases of the studies. The courses are implemented both as contact teaching and online.

Welcome to the Doctoral School events and Teams Group

In addition to our annual course activities, we organise events and open lectures on various topics to support your doctoral research. During the Doctoral School Orientation Day, you receive concise information about key services, planning and supervision of doctoral research, and networking with others. The event is held in Finnish and in English in the beginning of each semester. You learn about events, courses, and trainings from the Doctoral School newsletter, which is distributed monthly in our open Teams Group TG-Doctoral School. Join a large group of doctoral researchers, participate in the discussion and network!


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For more information, contact: doctoralschool [at] (doctoralschool[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Published: 28.1.2019
Updated: 29.5.2024