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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Progress in doctoral studies and annual reporting

Tampere University

The doctoral student needs to report on the advancement of his/her studies in the manner required by the doctoral programme.

If the student’s progression in studies in the two previous years has significantly deviated from what was agreed in the supervision, personal study or research plan, the student may be transferred to the general doctoral programme.


We organise every other year doctoral education survey for our post-graduate students. The survey was conducted first time in Spring 2020. The results are available on Intra > Feedback on education . Faculty-spesific results are available on Teams area: TG-TAU-Opetussuunnitelmatyö > General > Files > tiedekuntatapaamiset > jatkokoulutuskysely - tiedekuntakohtaiset tulokset .Everyone can join the group.

Published: 15.4.2019
Updated: 3.12.2021