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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Studies in sustainable development

Sustainable development is a part of common learning outcomes at Tampere Universities and it should be reflected in all degrees in some form. However, if you want to deepen your knowledge of sustainable development, check out the studies listed on this page. Here you can find individual study units, study modules and network studies related to sustainable development. Most of the studies are widely available for students. However, some of the studies may have participation restrictions or other selection criteria. Please check the criteria before selecting the studies.

This page does not contain all the studies related to sustainable development at Tampere University. Other study units and modules can also be found within degree programmes. Teacher! If you teach study units related to sustainable development and they are available to several students from different degree programmes, please let us know by email at: pedagogiikantuki.tau [at]

Study modules related to sustainable development 

Below you will find information about study modules related to sustainable development. Browse the studies and start learning more about sustainable development.

MAB.SUST-M30 Thematic module in Responsible Business and Sustainability 


Individual study units related to sustainable development 

Individual study units related to sustainable development are shown below. You can find more information about study units and schedules through the links.

Basic and intermediate studies:

Advanced studies:

Studies in Sustainable Entrepreneurship

are linked to the theme of Innovation (Common learning outcomes at Tampere Universities). Entrepreneurship studies strengthen the student's ability to act as an entrepreneur in accordance with the principles of sustainable development or in an entrepreneurial manner in any sector of working life. The studies are suitable for all higher education students, regardless of their field. The studies can form a minor subject (at least 20 credits).

You can reach HUBS, the organizer of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Studies also by e-mail: hubs [at] (hubs[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Network studies 

UniPID: UniPID is a network of Finnish Universities, that for example offers study units related to sustainable development. You can find more information about UniPID-studies at:

Climate University: You can find Climate University study units in DigiCampus, which is a digital learning platform for Finnish higher education institutions (HEI’s). Check out all the courses at: Leadership for sustainable change is a free online study unit about sustainability. You can find study unit description and schedules at:

Demola: If you are interested about  projects and innovation challenges, check out the  Demola studies. Sustainability is a theme in many study units. Browse the study units at:

Basic Business Studies (LITO): Course related to Sustainable development MAB.LITO.007 Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable student life

There are many ways in which sustainability is present in a student’s life. For example: 

Published: 21.9.2020
Updated: 29.9.2022