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Tampere University Student's Handbook

University's joint course units

Tampere University

TAU’s joint course units in the academic years 2021–2024

As part of the free choice studies of your degree, you can complete the University’s so-called joint course units whose descriptions you can browse by clicking the name of the unit. Further information on completing these studies is available from your Faculty and from the people mentioned in the descriptions below.

Course units related to tutoring

Tutoring traditionally involves introducing new students to university studies, but you can also work as a student tutoring organiser. As a tutor, you meet new people and can share your knowledge with others.


Course units related to well-being


Course units related to positions of trust

In course units related to positions of trust, you receive credits for participating in the activities of the university, your faculty, the student union, for example, as a student member of the Faculty Council or the curriculum design group. At the same time, you can influence matters that affect you and your fellow students, and network.

Please note that you can place a maximum of 10 credits of the above studies in total in your Bachelor's and Master's degree, for example 5 credits in your Bachelor's degree and 5 credits in your Master's degree. If you have already received credits for TAU.M.001 Extra-curricular Activities in Administration (1-10 ECTS), these credits will also count towards your total number of ECTS from positions of trust.


Course units related to volunteering or similar activities

Credits are also awarded for serving as a student ambassador.


Course units related to internationalisation


Published: 16.4.2021
Updated: 8.8.2022