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Summer studies

Tampere University

Summer Studies 2023

(The page will be updated during April 2023.)

Summer Period starts 15.5.2023 and ends 20.8.2023. Dates 1.8. - 20.8.2023 are officially part of Academic year 2023 - 2024, so you have to enrol as present to take studies in August. Summer Studies are usually based on remote teaching or similar methods.

You can find studies offered by other faculties and other actors from below. Check the enrolment times for the studies. Independent modes of study are available for some studies, check the instructions and schedules also for these.

If you want to participate in cross-institutional studies in TAMK during summer, remember to apply in good time in The Service for Cross-Institutional Studies and enrol according to instructions and schedule of TAMK. The Service for Cross-Institutional Studies closes for this academic year 31.5.2023, after which it will publish the studies offered for the next academic year 2023 - 2024.

Here are some useful tips for other summer studies:

- Complete an internship or apply for a substitution of the internship with work experience gained elsewhere during studies. You can find the faculty’s internship practices in the student’s guide.

- Plan your thesis topic and/or collect data. Be in touch with your supervisor in advance.

-Take a look at the elective studies of other degree programmes. If you have questions about the summer courses organized by other faculties, you can contact the respective faculty’s guidance and counselling services

- Gain credits for voluntary work.

You can also take courses from other universities. These courses can primarily be included in the free choice studies of your degree. Please check the suitability of the studies to your degree from the study coordinator.

- See more information on network studies.

- Take free online courses (MOOC).

- Consider JOO-studies or cross-institutional studies.

Please note that according to degree regulation, the assessment of courses completed during June-August can take longer than 21 days.

Published: 26.2.2019
Updated: 21.3.2023