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Professional development services

We offer you and your organisation the best possible professional development solutions. We utilise the breadth and depth of our university community’s expertise in the areas of technology, health and society to develop our services boldly and creatively.     Our common goal is to offer you state-of-the-art solutions to support your professional development. We embrace the challenge of understanding your needs and finding the ideal solution to meet them.  

Tailored educational services in Finland

For companies and organisations, we offer tailor-made continuous education programmes, coaching services and different tools to better analyse and understand your work community. We have worked with both public and private organisations from various fields: for example technology, healthcare, education and administration. As a multidisciplinary University Community, we have a diverse  group of experts and teachers to offer.

Tailored educational services for our global partners

We offer tailored education for our partners world wide. Our services vary from study visits and summer camps to continuing education programmes and degree programmes. Teacher education is one of our key services, but we also are experiences in tailoring programmes for instance for healthcare professionals and engineers.

Are you looking for a training programme for yourself?

We offer various possibilities of continuous learning also for individuals!

Expand your expertise with the the library

Use the Library’s search services, materials and guides to get your hands on scientific information.