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Finnish Inclusive Education


In Finland, educational guidance and counselling are seen as something essential to support, help and guide pupils and students so that they can all perform as well as possible in their studies and be able to make correct and appropriate decisions concerning their education and later careers.

In this online programme, we offer an opportunity to get to know the Finnish educational philosophy. It is also possible to include a visit to Finland into the programme.

Possible themes of this programme include:

  • Finnish education system and its building blocks
    • What does “less is more” mean?
    • Balance of well-being and performance
    • The right for support
    • Trust as a key
  • At the core of learning – curriculum and the idea of learning
    • Freedom and responsibilities
    • Transversal competencies and contents
  • Assessment and learning
    • Assessment for learning
    • Different ways to evaluate
  • Different levels of support – the right of every learner
    • Teacher as a supporter for learning
    • Collaboration with special needs teacher, teaching assistants, etc.
    • Methods and ideas
  • Teaching and learning together
    • Collaboration at school; co-teaching and co-learning
  • Learning in a digital world
    • Fostering motivation and commitment through digital collaboration
    • Relevant ideas and tools for improving learning
  • Positive atmosphere and culture at school
    • Building positive atmosphere and culture
    • Anti-bullying practices
  • Active, collaborative and multidisciplinary learning workshops
    • Active learning – workshop of practical teaching methods for classroom
    • Learning languages in Finland (incl. language baths)
    • Sustainable development at schools
    • STEM (Science, Technology and Math) learning
    • Creativity at school

We tailor-make all of our programmes together with our partners. It is possible to add or exclude themes depending on the needs of the group.

The online course

The online course consists of 5 x 1,5 h Zoom conferences. The online course includes expert sessions with concrete examples and ideas, discussions and small learning tasks in between the sessions

Visiting Finland

Visiting Finland is an optional but enriching part of the programme, as it gives an opportunity to see the Finnish system in action and meet real Finnish teachers and pupils. The days in Finland consist of school visits and workshops.


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