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Medical regulatory words: compliance, standards, policies and regulations

Regulatory Training for Health Tech Companies

Tampere University
Tree – Continuing Education


Health technology products like medical devices are tightly regulated and controlled by the authorities. Up-to-date information on regulations, requirements and industry practices are the keys to successful product development and product commercialization. Our courses and tailored trainings offer you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and grow as an expert in health and medical technology. Welcome to training!

Programme and courses

Our three-course programme gives you a broad and up-to-date knowledge of regulations, requirements and practices. The programme starts in the fall, and registration is open from May to the beginning of August. Find out more about the study programme on its English-language pages and join the training.

Health technology solutions - product development and commercialization (programme)

If completing the programme is not currently relevant to you, you can also take individual courses as needed. You can find more detailed information about the courses and registration dates on the courses' websites.

Introduction to quality and regulation for health technology products

Standards, interoperability and regulation in health informatics

Regulatory requirements for design and manufacture of medical devices

Product development of biomedical devices

You can complete your studies flexibly while working, and you can do the course assignments in connection with your own work. You can participate in the training on site in Tampere or remotely.

Tailored trainings based on your needs

Do you need training for your own group and according to the company's needs? In the customized option, the training content, themes and teaching methods are planned together with you and according to your needs. This is an excellent option when you want to focus on a specific issue, work on a specific case under guidance, or familiarize the personnel with the regulations, requirements and practices of the industry.

We will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities. Just contact us!


Contact persons

Read about Mikael Turunen's experience

As the health technology sector is heavily regulated, a special emphasis must be placed on ensuring regulatory compliance when setting up a new business. Mikael Turunen from Algoa Progress, a company that develops a method for modelling osteoarthritis, participated in regulatory training provided by Tampere University to prepare for the next steps in growing the business.