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Alumni of the Year

Both Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences appoint an Alumni of the Year. This honorary title is given to a former student, who has achieved outstanding accomplishments in his/her career and is willing to serve as a brand ambassador of their former university.

Tampere University's Alumnus of the Year 2022

Political scientist, Director at Finnish Institute of International Affairs Mika Aaltola is Tampere University’s Alumnus of the Year 2022. Aaltola has completed his doctorate at Tampere University where he still holds the title of Docent.

Mika Aaltola.

TAMK's Alumni of the Year 2021

TAMK's Alumni of the Year are composer Roope Mäenpää and restaurant chef Emmiina Lehtonen. This year the nomination went to two young pioneers, who have distinguished themselves in development of new practices and viewpoints during their respective careers. 

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