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President Antti Kaunonen is Tampere University’s Alumnus of 2021

Published on 7.9.2021
Tampere University
Antti Kaunonen Vuoden Alumni 2021
Antti Kaunonen, President of Kalmar Automation Solutions at Cargotec, is Tampere University’s Alumnus of the Year. The nomination was unveiled at the Opening Ceremony of the University's new academic year on Tuesday 7 September.

The recipients of Tampere University’s Alumnus/Alumna of the Year award represent the expertise produced by the University and contribute to introducing the University's impact and the important role of alumni to society. In 2019, when Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere merged to form the new Tampere University, CEO Suvi Haimi was the first Alumna of the Year. Prime Minister Sanna Marin was the Alumna of 2020.

Antti Kaunonen is a Doctor of Science (Technology) and a graduate of Tampere University of Technology. His career has been long and versatile in international industry, He has in-depth experience and insight into the collaboration between the University and the world of business. Currently, Kaunonen is a member of Tampere University’s Advisory Board for Relations with Working Life, which strengthens collaboration between the University and wider society.

“Our alumni, who number tens of thousands, are working in a wide range of sectors in society and are a significant and visible part of the impact we are making. Our Alumni of 2021 Antti Kaunonen’s career is a good example of international expertise that crosses multiple borders. I am delighted Kaunonen has chosen to promote the success of our University on many occasions. As a member of our Advisory Board for Relations with Working Life, he is involved in important work to create a broad perspective on the changes happening in working life and the future skills needs of society,” said President Mari Walls.

Kaunonen finds Tampere University’s multidisciplinary expertise an important factor for the success and development of his field. Cargotec and Tampere University have a long history of cooperation in research and product development, and many of the company’s employees have been educated at the University. In Rusko, Tampere, the company’s Kalmar Business Area has been operating for many years close to the University’s campus.

“For our company, the close ties with Tampere University mean an anchorage area and an opportunity to innovate and create new products. Above all, the University is a Centre of Excellence. Our operations are very international, but our deep technological expertise is concentrated on and growing here in Tampere. The connection with the University has stayed strong throughout my career,” Kaunonen says.

Antti Kaunonen

Doctor of Science (Technology), MBA, President of Kalmar Automation Solutions at Cargotec since 2015
Part-time professor at Tampere University of Technology from 1998 to 2007
Member of the Industrial Research Fund at Tampere University of Technology in 2014–2018
Jiangsu Rainbow Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., Shenzhen, China, Member of the Board in 2017–2019
Glaston Oyj, Finland, Member of the Board since 2017
Petrozavodsk State University, Russia, honorary doctorate, 2005

Photo Riku Niemi