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Doctoral education pilot at Tampere University

Tampere University will recruit 106 fully funded PhD candidates for a three-year term in calls that open in spring and autumn 2024. The posts are part of the national doctoral education pilot.

Positions will be opened in the following national pilots

We will update the application periods for each position above as soon as they are available.

We are seeking highly qualified and motivated doctoral researchers who are looking forward to becoming next-generation professionals in the service of the Finnish industry, society and academia, and who are ready to commit to completing their doctoral studies within the three-year target time.

The positions will be full-time and they will be filled for a three-year fixed term, starting either 1 August 2024 or 1 January 2025.

In addition to a three-year contract with a competitive salary, you will get:

  • committed supervision, support and guidance all the way through your PhD journey
  • a unique opportunity to join national networks and industry ecosystems in the area of the pilot
  • access to word-class research environment and research infrastructure
  • the courses and resources offered by our Doctoral School.

We will also offer you a relocation service package from an external service provider to help you settle in Tampere. 


Successful candidates must be pursuing to study towards a doctoral degree in the doctoral programme of the discipline or they need to be accepted (within the trial period of 6 months). If you already have a study right for a doctoral degree at Tampere University, it must be awarded on 1 November 2023 or thereafter to be eligible for these positions. 

Check the general eligibility requirements for doctoral studies


Please see the detailed information on admission requirements and pilot-specific instructions in the job posting for each pilot.

This page will be updated regularly.

Application to these positions is via our Open positions website.

For more information about the doctoral education pilot, please contact us at doctoralpilot [at] Do not send your job application to this email address.


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Welcome to Tampere!

Finland is rated as one of the most stable, free and safe countries in the world.

Tampere is Finland’s largest inland city and one of the major academic hubs in the Nordic countries. Tampere region is the most rapidly growing urban area in Finland and home to a vibrant knowledge-intensive entrepreneurial community. The city is an industrial powerhouse that enjoys a rich cultural scene and a reputation as a hub of Finland’s information society.

Tampere is also surrounded by vivid nature with forests and lakes, providing countless opportunities for easy-to-access outdoor adventures and relaxation throughout the year.

Doctoral education pilot for businesses

By participating in the pilot activities, you will be able to join in the training of the next generation of RDI experts and to network nationally with doctoral researchers and scholars.

What is the doctoral education pilot about?

The Ministry of Education and Culture will allocate 255 million euros to Finnish universities for piloting new practices in doctoral education in 2024–2027. This additional funding will be allocated to 1,000 doctoral researchers who will have an employment contract. Tampere University is hiring 106 new doctoral researchers.

Universities will work together to improve doctoral education and reinvent practices. The pilots aim to increase the mobility of doctoral graduates between universities, businesses, research institutes and other organisations, develop direction and guidance, and promote the employment of doctoral graduates in different sectors of society.