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Tampere University receives €27 million for research, development and innovation activities

Published on 8.2.2024
Tampere University
viitekuvassa käsi ja koeputki, kädet tietokoneen näppäimillä ja kynää pitelevä käsi
Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture has decided to award €255 million to universities for piloting new practices in doctoral education in 2024–2027. The funding will be allocated to 1,000 doctoral researchers. Tampere University’s share of the funding totals €27 million, which will be used to train 106 doctoral researchers.

The additional funding was awarded for carrying out 15 field-specific doctoral education pilots, nine in flagship fields and six in freely selected fields. Tampere University will participate in 13 pilots, of which the University will coordinate three. Tapio Visakorpi, Vice President for Research at Tampere University, is particularly pleased that funding was granted to the three pilots coordinated by the University.

“These three pilots are connected to research ecosystems that are especially important for our University. The funding will boost our ongoing efforts to develop doctoral education across our doctoral programmes, faculties and the University”, Visakorpi says.

Of the flagship pilots, Tampere University will coordinate the Flagship on Photonics Research and Innovation (PREIN) doctoral education pilot. Of the pilots in freely selected fields, the University will coordinate the MIcroELectronics doctoral school pilot and the Intelligent Work Machines (SIX) pilot.

The pilots in freely selected fields will be carried out by consortia built by the partner universities. The pilots will also involve research institutions and companies. One goal of the pilots is to improve the effectiveness of doctoral education, in other words reduce time-to-degree for doctoral graduates. Another goal is to increase the number of people with a doctorate working in our society, especially in RDI roles in industry and business. A special emphasis was therefore placed on company collaboration when considering applications. 

The doctoral education pilots are part of the initiative to raise Finland’s research and development funding to four per cent of its gross domestic product by 2030.

Tampere University will participate in the following pilots that received RDI funding:

Doctoral education pilots in flagship fields

  • Circular Materials Bioeconomy Network: From bio-based resources to advanced materials (Flagship FinnCeres)
  • Doctoral Education Pilot for Mathematics of Sensing, Imaging and Modelling (Flagship FAME)
  • Doctoral Education Pilot in Precision Cancer Medicine (Flagship iCAN)
  • EDUCA Flagship doctoral school pilot project  (Flagship EDUCA)
  • Finnish Doctoral Program Network in Artificial Intelligence  (Flagship FCAI)
  • National Doctoral Education Pilot based on Immune system (Flagship InFlames)
  • Quantum (Flagship Quantum)

Doctoral education pilots in freely selected fields

  • Doctoral pilot in software engineering
  • Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of Social Services
  • Sustainability Transformations

Read the press release from the Finnish Government 7.2.2024 (the press release contains links to the pilot projects and the Government’s press conference material)

Further information

Vice President for Research Tapio Visakorpi
+358 50 3185 829
tapio.visakorpi [at]