Research Group of Business Law and Tax Law

Research group of Business Law and Tax Law carries out timely and practical business competence research. The research group produces state of the art scientific information to support the multidisciplinary education at Tampere University as well as to benefit the relevant parties of the business community - companies, legislators and authorities.

Research focus and goals

The on-going evolution in the ways of carrying out business necessitates legislative innovations, digitalisation being a prime example. Conversely, legislative solutions directly affect the activities of enterprises. Accordingly, there is an inseparable interaction between law research, on the one hand, and the research of business and economics, on the other.

The point of departure in any law research is necessarily in national legislation. Accordingly, the main point of interest in business law and tax law research is the Finnish domestic legal system and its interaction with other national legal systems.

In addition, relevant regulation is increasingly generated at the level of international organisations, most importantly the EU and the OECD. The growing importance of multinational lawmaking is well visible in the work of the research group.

The objective of the researh group is to establish its position as the number one business law and tax law research unit in Finland both in terms of scientific quality and societal impact and to continue to increase the group's international recognition.

The research group publishes extensively and regularly both on the domestic plane and on the international level.

Versatile expertise of the research group makes it a likely candidate to participate in any multidisciplinary project concerning the research of business and economics. Members of the group are active participants in the co-operative research projects and financing applications launched within the School of Management.

Recent examples of the group's research projects are

  • Transformation of the International Tax System project funded by the Academy of Finland (2017-2021,
  • Better Business Taxation project funded by the TT Foundation (2018-2019)
  • Municipal Corporations project financed by the Foundation for Municipal Development.

Contact persons