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Robot assembly

Production Systems and Technologies

Robot programming in VR environment

Social, Technical, Economic, Environmental and Political aspects on production development.

Research focus and goals

Our research group focuses on the following research themes: Future Production Strategies, Manufacturing ICT, Collaborative Robotics and Education research.

  • The first theme includes topics such as Sustainable production development, Collaborative processes, and Circular economy (Re- and De-manufacturing).
  • The second theme focuses on Smart manufacturing, Production UIs, Production planning and control (Manufacturing Operations Management), Digitalization in Manufacturing, and Manufacturing KPIs.
  • Within the third theme, our group conducts research on Production Automation, Robot systems, Interactive human-machine collaboration and interfaces, Safety, Context-aware systems, Machine vision, Data mining from the machines and systems, Sliding Automation/Autonomy.
  • On education we study e.g. Continuous learning, Pedagogics, Didactic systems, Phenomena-based learning, and Versatile education environments.

Our teaching in production systems and technologies relies strongly on high end learning environments like  Robolab Tampere, Virtual FMS and Training Center