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About me

I lead the production systems and technologies research group. My research interests are in manufacturing ICT and digitalisation, industrial robotics and human-robot collaboration, Re- and de-manufacturing in the framework of circular economy and life-long learning in technology rich environments. 


I am is responsible of production automation major, production engineering major, and minor in Industrial Robotics at Tampere University. I co-lead the Robotics major. I am is responsible of a transfer education module (from BSc to MSc in digital manufacturing and data analytics) in Seinäjoki, which is targeted for employees of local companies. I and my team run different education related services for companies and society in regular basis. 

I supervise 20-30 MSc theses to industry annually. 

I usually give 30-40 presentations annually for national and international audience around the Europe.

Fields of expertise

Core competences in the field of production engineering and production development

- Team building and competence enhancement

- Analytical skills

- Project Sales and Management

- Negotiation for win-win

- R&D (Horizon 1-3)

- Additional language: Fluent in Engineering to Common sense

- Public presentation and teaching

Main positions of trust

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board at Flanders Make (Belgium), Scientific advisory board at Linz Mechatronic Center (Austria), Scientific advisory board at EDI, Latvia, and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment AI4Industry (TekoÄly4.0) steering group 2020-2023

Member of advisory board for stipends in vechicles industry group (Teknologiateollisuus Ry, Kulkuneuvot) 

Research topics

I coordinate, manage, guide and support my research teams focusing on following topics:

  1. Manufacturing ICT: Digitalisation of production, Smart Factory solutions, Digital Twins, APS/MES, KPI visualisation, UIs, semantic modelling, information management, agent-based/holonic manufacturing systems (in discrete part manufacturing) 
  2. Robotics: Safety, HRI/C, Industrial robotics, virtual commissioning, and system design 
  3. Circular economy : Technical cycles in the CE especially re-manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing in terms Social, Technical, Ecological, Economic and Political aspects
  4. Continuous Learning: “Learning to learn” - methods, versatile methods and tools for learning in technology-rich environments 

Research unit

Automation technologies and mechanical engineering


H2020 TRINITY (2019-2023), budget 16,3 m€ URL: