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NextGenBat - Next Generation Battery materials and consepts

The Next Generation Battery Materials and Concepts project will develop materials and their processing technologies for solid-state lithium batteries (SSLB). Its focus is on materials for new lithium-metal anodes, both ceramic and polymeric electrolytes, as well as nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide (NMC) cathodes, and especially the phenomena at the interphases between the components.

Tampere University studies the battery manufacturing methods and materials focusing especially on materials for pulsed lased deposition (PLD) method and aftertreatments of semifinished products. Expertise of ceramic materials research group is applied to powder based processing of PLD targets. Recent breakthroughs of research group in particle synthesis in laser ablation and with mechanical properties of ceramic PLD films will be applied to battery manufacturing development.

Funding source

Business Finland

Coordinating organisation

Aalto University, The Department of Chemistry and Materials Science, Electrochemical Energy Conversion, Professor Tanja Kallio


Tampere University
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
Pulsedeon Ltd
Beneq Ltd
Tervakoski Oy (Delfort)


Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)
University of Virginia (UVA)