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Electrical Energy Engineering research infrastructure cluster

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Electrical energy transmission ja distribution systems are the critical backbone of modern societies. Our wide infrastructure enables our role as key players in these fields of science..  

Electrical energy transmission ja distribution as well as local energy systems, the critical backbone of modern societies, are currently under exceptional reformation. Power production is more dispersed, role of power electronics is strongly increasing as well as demands for efficiency while the system control is getting more demanding. We will maintain and develop our existing wide infrastructure keeping the state-of-the-art level, enabling our role as key players in these fields of science.

Electrical energy engineering research infrastructures offer a comprehensive range of possibilities for the study, monitoring, analysis and control of different electrical energy systems and their components. The different infrastructures allow the characterisation and analysis of magnetic, dielectric and superconducting materials, components and systems, grid-connected power electronics equipment, and the operation, control and diagnostics of different power grids, their components and subsystems, both individually and as part of a wider power system. 

SmartGrid laboratory

SmartGrid research infrastructure offers different software and hardware simulation environments for various energy system analyses, with hardware-in -the-loop and software-in-the-loop functionalities. In addition, e.g. electric power quality research apparatus are available.

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Power electronics laboratories

Grid-Connected Systems and Energy Storage Laboratory offer comprehensive analyzing facilities for grid-connected systems and energy storage systems while Power Electronic Systems Laboratory focuses on testing of control systems and algorithms of different power electronic devices.  

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Electromechanics laboratory

This laboratory focus on characterizing of magnetic materials over wide frequency range, power consumption and production measurements in various devices as well as cooling of electrical components/drives and mechanical and thermal analyses.

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High voltage laboratory

High voltage laboratory offers modern facilities for high voltage testing up to 1 MV voltage level, wide range of condition monitoring/diagnostics equipment as well as environmental testing facilities. State-of-the-art dielectric characterization laboratory allows thorough analyzing of different insulation materials and systems.

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Photovoltaic power research power plant

The PV power plant consists of 69 PV modules equipped with high class measurement system which provides detailed knowledge both of the environmental operating conditions and of the electrical operation of PV power plant.

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Environment for studying electromagnetic and thermodynamic properties of superconducting and electromagnetic materials at cryogenic temperatures. Liquid nitrogen, cryocooler (approx. -260°C) and liquid helium (down to -271°C) cooling systems available.

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