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Research centre

CIVIT - Immersive Visual Technologies

CIVIT, Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies, is a research infrastructure unit at Hervanta Campus in Tampere University. We provide research facilities, equipment and expertise in the emerging field of immersive visual technologies.

Research focus and goals

The ultimate aim of immersive visual technologies is to convincingly reproduce reality and to relay information in a natural way. CIVIT was established to help the research community in reaching these goals.

Our main areas of expertise are advanced visualization of 3D content, capture of 3D audio-visual information, advanced displays and immersive user experience. Our aim is to enhance the existing and to develop new scientific and industrial applications where advanced visualization is a must.

CIVIT is located in Sähkötalo SA201, Hervanta Campus. If you are interested in visiting CIVIT, feel free to contact our Coordinator Sarianne Niemelä (sarianne.niemela [at] tuni.fi) or civit [at] tuni.fi

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Atanas Gotchev

Professor, Signal Processing
Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences

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