Laboratory of immersive technologies showing virtual reality glasses and virtual reality treadmill, cameras and camera platforms


Collaboratec (Collaboration model for using immersive visual technologies in work machine and creative digital industries) aims at building a collaboration model through which CIVIT research infrastructure and our know-how of new immersive technologies can be used effectively as part of companies’ development needs. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


CIVIT, Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies, is a research infrastructure at Tampere University. CIVIT was established in 2015, and it is jointly funded by the Academy of Finland and Tampere University. 

CIVIT was initially set up with the primary purpose to serve the research community. At the same time, the center has been aiming at offering a partnership program to the industry in the form of different projects, events and other services. 


The specific objective of the project is to develop research, competence and innovation clusters that draw from regional strengths. The aim of the project is to bridge the gap between research and the needs of the industry by developing CIVIT's collaboration model. 


The main target groups are the work machine industry and the creative digital industry in the Pirkanmaa region. The project allows target companies to experiment with CIVIT's unique equipment and novel research results for their needs. 

Industrial work machine companies aim to improve operation in safety-critical environments, where the work machine operator receives improved information about the work tasks and targets or is removed from potentially hazardous and tiring working conditions to ergonomic indoor control stations nearby the worksite, or even over long geographical distances. For this, one needs to develop a user-friendly and intuitive operation based on clear visual feedback from the work area and environment. Multi-level and multi-dimensional displays can seamlessly show several visual angles to the workpiece, supporting a wide field of view of the working environment, and depth perception of hot spots enables precise and fast control. CIVIT can provide such flexible platforms to experiment with complex maneuvers enabled by solutions for data sensing, transmission and visualization.

Creative industries form another important sector in Pirkanmaa. There is a growing need to reinvent the way artistic performance is captured and presented to the audiences. Through its full-size volumetric and motion capture studios and new forms of displays, CIVIT can strongly support the need of developing new creative applications.

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Euroopan sosiaalirahasto - vipuvoimaa EU:sta

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CIVIT research infrastructure at Tampere University

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