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Attractiveness and quality of a medium-sized higher education city (Kevola) - Seinäjoki

Tampere University
Duration of project1.12.2022–30.12.2024
Area of focusSociety

Take our surveys on Seinäjoki!

Student or employee of the Seinäjoki higher education community! What do you think about the attractiveness and quality of Seinäjoki? Is Seinäjoki your dream university city or what would it be like? Let's take Seinäjoki to the next level together!

The surveys are carried out by the Tampere University, in cooperation with the City of Seinäjoki. Read more about research and privacy notice >>

"University city of my dreams" survey in March 2024

Dream university city

Higher education student in Seinäjoki! Where in Seinäjoki are the coolest places, the best atmospheres, the creepiest, ugliest and most beautiful spots or the places that are most important to you? Share your experiences using a map survey and get your voice heard in the development of the city!

“The coolest and poorest places in Seinäjoki” map survey for higher education students is OPEN NOW >> To the survey

Coolest and poorest places in Seinäjoki

Funding source

Southern Ostrobothnia higher education network Epanet
City of Seinäjoki, agreement with Tampere University