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Aerosol Synthesis

In the Aerosol Synthesis group, the key research question is how to generate novel functional materials with improved properties but with less amount of materials, utilizing aerosol nanoparticle techniques. Our present research work focuses on generation and characterization of nanoparticle aerosols & nanopowders, and their deposition processes in fabricating functional coatings using aerosol methods.

Methods used: Nanomaterial synthesis, Liquid Flame Spray (LFS), Flame Spray Pyrolysis (FSP), Tube furnaces, Aerosol Flow chambers,  Aerosol measurement techniques.

Applications: Multicompound nanoparticle tailoring and structure, Surface functionalization/Functional coatings, Water repellency/Wetting, Omniphobic, Antimicrobial, Photocatalytic, Anti-icing, Porous thin films, Plasmon resonance, Glass colouring, etc.