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3D Media Group

The 3D Media Group investigates methods for capture, processing and display of 3D visual data based on extensive knowledge about the human perception of depth and 3D visual cues. By employing advanced signal processing methods, it tackles specific problems related with the huge amount of data to be processed and the optimal way of visualization using state-of-the-art 3D displays.

Research focus and goals

We are located in the Tampere University's campus in Hervanta and our research area is Signal and Information processing. We utilize CIVIT's  (Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies) facilities and equipment in our research and projects.

The main goal of our research group is to achieve higher realism in representing visual scenes, better interactivity and to find new forms of communication and displays.

We coordinate two European training networks: European Training Network on Full Parallax Imaging (ETN-FPI) and Immersive Visual Technologies for Safety-critical Applications (ImmerSAFE).

Our other on-going projects are:

  • RemoteFeel
  • ITER / Fusion for Energy Grant 5
  • Modeling and Visualization of Perceivable Light Fields

Our core expertise consists of:

  1. 3D Scene Capture, Reconstruction and Rendering  - Multi-camera capture and depth estimation pipeline, multi-sensor capture and data fusion, efficient depth estimation)
  2. Light Field Processing  - Light field reconstruction in shearlet domain, modeling of plenoptic cameras, hologram generation from light field
  3. Immersive Displays  - Fourier analysis of light field displays, wide head-up displays maintaining continuous parallax
  4. Machine learning