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Welcome to Visible Body remote trainings on Thu 22.10. and Fri 23.10.

Published on 6.10.2020
Tampere Universities
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Visible Body services are interactive 3D anatomy databases and learning tools. There are four services available at Tampere Universities: Human Anatomy Atlas, Muscle Premium, Anatomy & Physiology, and Physiology & Pathology. All services are available as mobile applications and databases

There are two Teams trainings available, the first training covers Human Anatomy Atlas and Muscle Premium, and the second covers Anatomy & Physiology and Physiology & Pathology. The trainer is Tarja Huttunen from Wolters Kluwer. There is no enrollment, you can join the trainings by clicking the Teams links below.

Thursday 22.10. at 13-14, click here to enter

  • Human Anatomy Atlas offers interactive 3D models to help understand and communicate how the human body looks and functions. It contains over 4 000 anatomic structures. The atlas covers the anatomy of the whole body as well as specific body parts.
  • Muscle Premium is a 3D atlas designed to help you familiarize with the muscular system. It has been designed for students, teachers and health care professionals that need detailed information on muscles and their functions. Atlas is especially useful in sports medicine, physiotherapy, chiropractice, and the development of medical equipment.

Friday 23.10. at 13-14, click here to enter

  • Anatomy & Physiology offers authenticated interactive 3D possibilities to the teaching of anatomy and physiology. The service includes downloadable bonus materials that support the teaching staff and the students.
  • Physiology & Pathology helps you to research the basic vital functions, dysfunctions, and the development of the most common diseases. You can also use the service to compare the healthy anatomic models with the diseased models and watch animated basic vital functions.

The trainings will be saved. You can find the links to the trainings in the Visible Body Guide.

More information: Johanna Nummi, information services adviser, johanna.nummi [at]