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TUNICRIS training sessions during autumn 2022

Published on 1.9.2022
Tampere University
Screenshot of TUNICRIS start page.
All publication data and academic activities of Tampere University and Pirkanmaa Hospital District are maintained in the TUNICRIS research information system. TUNICRIS provides an up-to-date view of the university's and PSHP's research activities and improves the visibility of research activities and open access to publications.

TUNICRIS briefings

TUNICRIS briefings for researchers introduce the public portal and internal user interface of the research information system TUNICRIS. The online information session covers the most important functions for searching information in the public portal, and editing your own profile, academic activities and publication information in the internal user interface.  

Schedule for TUNICRIS briefings:

  • September: 14.9.2022 klo 10.15–11.00 (in English) Link to the event in TUNI intranet 
  • October: 5.10.2022 klo 13.15–14.00 (in Finnish) Link to the event in TUNI intranet
  • December: 8.12.2022 klo 10.15–11.00 (in Finnish) Link to the event in TUNI intranet

Self-archiving and TUNICRIS

During the training we will go through the main principles of self-archiving: why publications should be self-archived, what must and can be self-archived and how it is done in TUNICRIS.

Schedule for self-archiving and TUNICRIS trainings:

The training sessions are held by the library’s specialists. The trainings are aimed at researchers. No preregistration needed. You’re welcome to join in!

Useful links and more information:
Library guides about self-archiving:  

More information: cris.tau [at] (on TUNICRIS) or oa [at] (on self-archiving)