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Teaching will continue to be largely delivered remotely at Tampere University until 6 March 2022

Published on 12.1.2022
Tampere University
Illustration photo from Hervanta campus.
Tampere University will continue to primarily deliver remote teaching until 6 March 2022. However, essential in-person teaching can continue.

Essential in-person teaching means classes where students cannot achieve the expected learning outcomes if they attend the classes remotely, such as laboratory classes, simulations, teacher training and small group sessions. However, classes that would bring together more than 50 people must be organised in a virtual format. The faculties will provide more detailed instructions. Face masks are required during all in-person classes. Masks will be available to students in the venue.

When planning the teaching arrangements, it is important to pay special attention to the instruction of first-year students and second-year students and to facilitating student-teacher interaction.

Staff are strongly recommended to work remotely if they are able to perform their tasks off campus. When working on campus, keep a safe distance from others and practice good hygiene. Wearing a face mask is required in the indoor facilities of Tampere Universities.

Meetings must be primarily conducted remotely. In-person meetings can only be held under exceptional circumstances.

The University is closely monitoring the coronavirus outbreak and the instructions issued by the public authorities.

With questions relating to Covid-19, please email: korona [at]