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Tampere University of Applied Sciences has completed student selections – alternative routes to studies available

Published on 27.6.2019
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Approximately 2,000 new students will start their studies at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) next autumn.

A total of 17,343 applicants submitted their application to TAMK in the joint national application in spring 2019. TAMK maintained its status as the second most popular university of applied sciences in Finland. Out of the total of 1,830 students selected, some 1,585 will commence on the bachelor’s degree level and 245 on the master’s degree level.

Earlier in the spring ,TAMK also selected students for 9 English degree programmes. The intake for these programmes totaled some 300 new students. New programme on offer in this round was our Master’s Degree in Emerging Media where 12 new students start in the autumn. Our most popular English medium programme was Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering with 448 applicants.

The professional teacher education at TAMK received approximately 700 primary applicants. Out of these, 255 students will start in Professional Teacher Education, 15 in Special Needs Teacher Education and 15 in Professional Guidance Counsellor Education.

Alternative routes to TAMK

Another route towards a degree at TAMK is through Open University of Applied Sciences or by a transfer from another university or university of applied sciences. This year, TAMK selected a total of 130 students through these applications.

The next application period for Open University of Applies Sciences Path Studies will start on 1 August 2019. After completing successfully the path studies, it is possible to apply for enrollment as a degree student. More information:

The next transfer application period is 1–15 October 2019. The degrees on offer will be published on our website at the beginning of September.

Autumn 2019 joint national application

Degree admissions are open for application next time on 4–18 September 2019. A total of 26 degrees is on offer at TAMK, 16 of which lead to a bachelor’s degree and 10 to a master’s degree. The studies commence in January 2020.

For the first time TAMK starts a Master’s Degree in Data Expertise and Artificial Intelligence (in Finnish). More information about the autumn application:

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Student selection results for the joint national application are available in the My Studyinfo service. Select applicants must confirm their study place offer by 8 July 2019 at 3.00 pm.

All applicants who have submitted their application in the joint national application round will receive a results letter, which includes both the results and points given for each selection.

Some degree programmes can accept students from the waiting list. Selections through waiting lists end on 31 July 2019 at 3.00 pm.

If you have participated in an entrance exam (or submitted a pre-task) and were not selected, you have the possibility to ask for clarification in a set timeframe. See more:

More information

Head of Student Recruitment Services Marjo Korhonen, tel. +358 40 809 3510, email: marjo.korhonen [at] ()
TAMK Admissions Office, tel. +358 29 452 0444, email: admissions.tamk [at]


Information for selected students:

Autumn 2019 joint national application round offer:

Open UAS part studies: