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Tampere universities selected new students

Published on 2.7.2019
Tampere Universities
Tampere universities have completed their student admissions for degree programmes beginning in autumn. Nearly 3,500 new students will begin their studies at Tampere University and approximately 2,000 at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences next autumn.

In the joint application, a total of 17,343 candidates applied for studies at Tampere University of Applied Studies (TAMK) and 28,265 at Tampere University. By the number of applicants, both higher education institutions were second most popular in Finland.

In the joint application of spring 2019, a total of 1,830 new students were admitted to TAMK. Of them, 1,585 will study towards a bachelor’s degree and 245 towards a master’s degree. In addition, approximately 130 new students were admitted through transfer applications and open route applications.

Tampere University admitted 2,391 new students for bachelor- and master-level degrees in the joint application. Altogether 583 students were admitted to complete the master’s degree directly. In addition, approximately 110 students were admitted based on transfer applications or open university route applications.

In the spring, new students were also admitted to the degree programmes taught in English. In total, the universities offered 47 programmes taught in English, of which 11 were available at TAMK and 36 at Tampere University. In total, approximately 300 new students have been admitted to the programmes taught in English at TAMK. The equivalent number for Tampere University is approximately 640.

The new students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University will become a part of the university community in Tampere, the second largest hub for higher education in Finland. For students, close cooperation between the institutions means more extensive course offerings and new potential for various cooperation projects.

The community also enables cross-institutional studies taken both from the university and the university of applied sciences.  Within the limits set by the curriculum, new students can complete studies in both institutions and include them in their degrees. Nearly 1,800 courses will be available during the upcoming academic year. Opened in 2016, the study portal contained 1,300 courses last year and nearly 3,000 students made use of its offerings.

The Tampere university community contains approximately 30,000 students.

Our warmest congratulations to all new students!

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