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Tampere is a student city

Published on 15.5.2019
Tampere Universities
Korkeakouluopiskelijaksi Tampereelle
The Becoming a Higher Education Student in Tampere fair presented more than a hundred degree programmes to prospective students. The event attracted 5,400 high school students from across Finland.

On Tuesday, the corridors of Tampere Hall and Tampere University’s Päätalo filled with upper secondary school students. All those present were searching for information on study opportunities.

Pia-Nora Isomäki and Erja Vaskikivi, who are in the second year of their upper secondary studies, spent the morning listening to a presentation on how to become a teacher of mathematical and science subjects in the Master of Science (Technology) programme.

Korkeakouluopiskelijaksi Tampereelle
The Becoming a Higher Education Student in Tampere fair was organised for the fifth time.

“I like mathematics, physics and chemistry and that is why I wanted to hear what it is like to study here. I am interested in natural sciences, but I think that what I heard to today concentrated too much on technology,” Isomäki said.

Vaskikivi, who studies in the Kurikka upper secondary school with Isomäki, is still contemplating where she wants to study.

“At the moment, I am still thinking of Turku and Helsinki in addition to Tampere,” Vaskikivi said.

After the first lecture, the girls wanted to see the offerings of the Police University College.

Miika Koivisto
Miika Koivisto praises the high quality of education at Tampere University.

High-quality education is Tampere’s asset

At Tampere Hall, university students talked to prospective students about the fields they are studying. Miika Koivisto, a first-year student of social work, answered questions all day.

“As a field, social work attracts slightly older students. However, that is likely to change somewhat with the entrance exam reform,” Koivisto says.

He chose social work because he wanted to work with people.

“I also wanted to come to Tampere because I knew that Tampere University offers high-quality education. Social workers also have excellent job opportunities,” Koivisto pointed out.

Saara Suonpää (vas.), Inka Okkonen ja Noora Pakarinen
Saara Suonpää (left), Inka Okkonen and Noora Pakarinen have already decided what they want to study after upper secondary school

Tampere is fascinating and the right size

Inka Okkonen, Noora Pakarinen and Saara Suonpää came to Tampere from Harjavalta. The direction of their future studies was already clear to these upper secondary school students. Okkonen and Suonpää want to study culture and art while Pakarinen wants to study psychology.

“I want to study theatre and music. I think that Tampere is just the right size. It is also a fascinating student city,” Okkonen said.

The Becoming a Higher Education Student in Tampere fair was organised for the fifth time. During the day, upper secondary school students learned about the educational offerings of the Tampere Universities and heard about the experiences of current university students.

The fair was jointly organised by Tampere University, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the Police University College. The sports services of the City of Tampere; Open University, Open University of Applied Sciences and Summer University in Tampere; the City of Tampere, and the Voionmaa Institute also participated in the event.


Inquiries: Event Coordinator Saara Lehtonen, tel. +358 40 669 4077 saara.lehtonen [at]


Text: Jaakko Kinnunen
Photographs: Jonne Renvall