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TAMK celebrated new graduates – almost 700 new alumni

Published on 10.6.2019
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Onnitteluhalaus TAMKin valmistumisjuhlassa 8.6.2019 (kuva Anna Vättö)
Tampere University of Applied Sciences celebrated new graduates in two graduation ceremonies on Saturday 8 June 2019. Almost 700 students finished their bachelor’s or master’s degree studies this spring. They will now become TAMK alumni.

On behalf of all graduates, Bachelor of Engineering Josefiina Järä from the Degree Programme in Bioproduct and Process Engineering shared her feelings about the past four years as a student and the thousands of hours spent on lectures, exams, practical training – and building networks. The most valuable experience for her was her exchange semester in North Carolina State University, USA.

”I learned more about paper engineering. I also learned a lot about myself. How brave it is to move to another country and live there. How great it is to find similar people around the globe. We all have the same goal, to be the best version of ourselves.”

Järä addressed special congratulations to her international fellow students at TAMK.

“You took a giant leap and trusted yourselves. You came to Tampere University of Applied Sciences and studied a whole degree in another country and in a foreign language. That’s incredible. Wherever we are in this world, we are bound together as TAMK alumni. But today it’s time to celebrate our achievements.”

The best theses awarded

From all the hundreds of bachelor’s and master’s theses, TAMK jury had chosen three most outstanding ones and awarded them with scholarships.

The best English master’s thesis was Evaluating a Pilot Online Leadership Training Initiative. Case Study: Basic Leadership Training Course (BLT) by Minna Hämäläinen, Master of Business Administration from the international Degree Programme in Educational Leadership.


Text: Leena Stenman
Photo: Anna Vättö