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Some e-books out of Tunilib - Andor works normally

Published on 22.11.2019
Tampere Universities
e-aineistot teemakuva
The launching of a new library system causes various changes both in the library customer services and in the library's internal processes. Due to the system change, some eBooks are not available in Tunilib search.

During the system change not all e-book services can be found directly from Tunilib search. 

However, all e-resources are normally found through Andor search and in the user interfaces of all e-book services. The change concerns e.g. Ebook Central, EBSCO and Safari e-books. 


With the new, upcoming Andor service platform, you will now find your own self-service as a library customer and all of the library's materials, both printed and electronic.

We will provide more details on the changes through the library's website, on the Tuni-intranet, and through the library's social media channels. A summary of changes and updates of coming services will be available on our change site

If you have any questions, please contact the library: kirjasto [at]

Further information: Project Manager, Web Services Specialist, Timo Vuorisalmi, %20timo.vuorisalmi [at] (timo[dot]vuorisalmi[at]tuni[dot]fi)  

Publicist: Information services analyst, Marjatta Ojala, %20marjatta.ojala [at] (marjatta[dot]ojala[at]tuni[dot]fi)