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Self-archive your articles easily in TUNICRIS

Published on 22.10.2020
OA viikko thursday
The new TUNICRIS research information system was introduced on 12 October 2020, and at the same time the self-archiving process was updated.

Self-archiving is a key means of making publications openly available, as you can self-archive both scientific articles published in Open Access and hybrid journals as well as scientific articles published behind a paywall. In addition, in most cases it is also possible to archive conference papers and book chapters. Self-archiving brings more visibility and impact on your articles.  

Researchers can upload their articles themselves directly in the new TUNICRIS research information system. As before, the Library still checks the saved version of the article and the publisher's self-archiving policy before the article is opened in the Trepo institutional repository. We also make sure that the embargo period is applied. Instructions for self-archiving can be found in our CRIS guide and we have also made a video about the process. You can also send your publications for archiving to oa [at] tuni.firel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank", but we recommend that you also try uploading the file directly to TUNICRIS.   

A suitable article version for self-archiving is the authors' own final, peer-reviewed version, i.e. accepted manuscript. This version has not yet been edited by the publisher, so the version often looks very different from the final published article. Most publishers allow you to self-archive an accepted manuscript version. 

The proportion of self-archived peer-reviewed research articles weighs in the universities’ funding model. Read more in the intranet news

Tips for smooth self-archiving: 

  • Self-archive the accepted manuscript version. 

  • Watch the help video and easily upload the file directly to TUNICRIS

  • Any of the authors can self-archive the publication. 

  • Make self-archiving part of the article writing and publishing process: the article is not completed until it is self-archived. 

  • Participate in TUNICRIS training