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Professional teacher education more popular than ever

Published on 23.1.2020
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
The School of Professional Teacher Education at Tampere University of Applied Sciences received a record number of applicants for the their specialisations in Finnish: professional teacher education, professional study counsellor education and professional special needs teacher education.

Professional teacher education received a total of 739 primary applications and was the most popular non-degree programme on offer (in 2019 the corresponding number was 566). Professional study counsellor education received 86 primary applications and professional social needs  teacher education a total of 47.

In 2020 we offered a new specialisation for present and future teachers of technology, science and mathematics as well as a regional programme for Eastern Finland (Savonlinna & Lappeenranta).

"This 30% increase in applicant numbers is a much welcome change from a few years of gradual decline. It speaks volumes for the quality of work done at the School of Professional Teacher Education at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. It also indicates that a future career as a teacher is again seen as an attractive and meaningful option. Teaching skills are vital in many parts of our society, from schools to companies", comments Director Hanna Ilola.

Next application round for professional teachers education is this time next year.

More information: Director Hanna Ilola, hanna.ilola [at] ()