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Participate in an online survey of automated cars

Published on 22.4.2022
Tampere University
Kuvituskuva liikenteestä.
Transport Research Centre Verne’s ongoing research project explores the willingness of people living in Finland to use conditionally automated cars. You can participate in the study by answering the online survey.

Verne is conducting a research project to understand people’s willingness to use conditionally automated cars when driving in different weather and roadway conditions. A conditionally automated car uses various driver assistance features (e.g. lane keeping assistance and adaptive cruise control) to make decisions based on changing driving situations around the vehicle.

“A human driver is not driving when these automated driving features are engaged – even if the person is in the driver’s seat. When the feature requests, the person must drive. Automated driving features can drive the car under limited conditions and will not operate unless all conditions are met,” says Postdoctoral Research Fellow Roni Utriainen.

Participation in this research project involves completing a 15-minute online survey related to your demographic information, your driving patterns, and your views and knowledge of automated cars. Survey responses will be reported as part of scientific research, but no potentially identifying details or findings will be published.

The online survey on conditionally automated cars.

More information:
Assistant Professor Steve O’Hern, steve.ohern [at]
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Roni Utriainen, roni.utriainen [at]