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Number of applicants to international master’s programmes grows by 90 percent

Published on 24.1.2019
Tampere University
Over 3,100 applications were submitted to Tampere University’s international master’s degree programmes that will start next autumn. The number of applicants grew by 90 percent from last year. Of the study programmes available for application, Leadership for Change - Sustainable Business Management and Public and Global Health attracted the most applicants.

In the round of applications that ended on 23 January, Tampere University offered 34 master’s programmes taught in English. Students admitted to these programmes will graduate as master’s of arts or social sciences, and master’s of science, technology or architecture.

The total number of applications was 3,178. The most popular programmes were the Sustainable Business Management in the

Leadership for Change Programme  (229 applications), Public and Global Health (216 applications), Data Engineering and Machine Learning in the Information Technology Programme (195 applications) and Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research (165 applications).  

Other popular programmes included Business and Technology (163 applications), Factory Automation and Robotics (150 applications) and Computational Big Data Analytics (139 applications) Applicants were able to apply to three programmes.

The number of applicants was 1,998 and they represent more than 100 nationalities. 1,397 applicants are subject to tuition fees.
In the previous round of applications, a total of 1,684 applications were submitted to Tampere University of Technology’s and the University of Tampere’s English-taught master’s degree programmes.

“We are very happy with the appeal of Tampere University and the growing number of applicants,” says Marja Sutela, Vice President for education.   

“Our new multidisciplinary university constitutes an attractive whole. We have also invested in visibility and potential applicants in our international student recruitments efforts,” Sutela says.

English-taught bachelor’s programmes attract 153 applicants

In the first joint application round (9 - 23 January), it was possible to apply to two English-taught bachelor’s degree programmes at Tampere University. 143 applications, of which 71 were priority applications, were submitted to the Bachelor’s Programme on Science and Engineering that leads to the Master of Science (Technology) degree. The applicants represent 29 nationalities. 86 applicants are subject to tuition fees.

The Bachelor’s Programme in Early Childhood Education interested 104 applicants, 82 of which gave this programme priority. The applicants represent 39 nationalities. 30 of them are subject to tuition fees. This programme is especially well suited for applicants who work, or hope to work, in the early childhood field in Finland and possess the capacity to study in English but who may find that their Finnish language skills are insufficient for university studies.

The results from the joint admissions procedure to Finnish higher education will be published on 28 June 2019.
In the second application period organised from 20 March to 3 April 2019 students may apply to Finnish-taught programmes offered by Tampere University, including master’s degree programmes.

Vice President Marja Sutela, +358 40 721 5204
Manager, study services Kaisa Keskitalo, +358 40 754 5951