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New MOT Kielipalvelu dictionary online is at your disposal

Published on 5.3.2020
Tampere Universities
MOT Kielipalvelu
MOT Kielipalvelu replaces the old familiar MOT Online -service. The new, more modern and comprehensive service consists of three parts:: MOT dictionaries, MOT machine translation and MOT proofreading services.

In the Dictionaries section you will find the most popular general and specialized dictionaries. The translator has 23 languages that allow you to cross-translate languages by language pair. The proofreading service lets you check the English, French and German text. 

On the campus networks of the Tampere Universities community, MOT Kielipalvelu operates without logging in at: If you would like to use the service outside of campus networks, log in with your Tuni-id (note: there may be problems with remote access on Apple devices) or subscribe to the email link to access the service anytime, anywhere. You can order the login link at:

MOT Kielipalvelu will be completed during the spring with new dictionaries. For the time being, the old MOT Online interface runs alongside the new service at: The old interface now includes the MOT Books section and the Tampere University dictionary.

More information: hankinta.kirjasto [at]