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New fellows appointed to Tampere Institute for Advanced Study

Published on 1.6.2022
Tampere University
Tampereen yliopiston keskustakampuksen rakennuksia ilmakuvassa
Tampere Institute for Advanced study has selected 18 new researchers whose two-year employment relationship will begin on 1 September. A total of 265 applications were submitted.

Nine Postdoctoral Research Fellow and nine Senior Research Fellow posts were open in the research fields represented at Tampere University.

A pre-selection was conducted by a selection committee consisting of TAU’s professors in the fields of technology, health, and society. The 74 pre-selected applications were then ranked by international external evaluators in the same fields.

“Many of the experts involved in the evaluation considered the overall standard of the applications they assessed to be high internationally, reflecting the high pressure of applications and the opportunity that the pre-selection process provided to send only really high-quality applications for external evaluation,” says Juha Teperi, Director of the Tampere Institute for Advanced Study who coordinated the application round.

The President appointed 18 candidates based on the suggestion made by the selection group. The President also appointed 24 candidates proposed by the selection committee as alternates.

The following persons have accepted the research fellow positions:

Technology, Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Farooq, Ahmed: Intelligent Haptic Mediation for Vibrotactile Feedback
Grandhi, Murthy: Lead-Free Perovskite-Inspired Materials for Indoor Photovoltaic Applications (PIM-IPV)
Koivisto, Janne: De-coupling Hydrogel Microstructure and Mechanical Properties When Modeling the Vascularization of Bone

Technology, Senior Research Fellows

Galinina, Olga: Future Dynamic Collaborative Learning
Gumenyuk, Regina: Attosecond Phenomena Probing by High-power Structured Beam Generation (ATTOPRO)
Karjalainen, Panu: Fuel-operated Auxiliary Heaters in Vehicles – Large Emissions but No Regulations

Health, Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Federico, Antonio: DR-Oracle: An Integrated Data Space for Novel, Reliable and Translatable Drug Repositioning Applications
Hyvärinen, Tanja: Studying Multiple Sclerosis Microglia Activation Utilizing Human Stem Cell Model
Jones, Marjaana: Futures of Finnish Maternity Care: Commercial, Political and Experiential Framings

Health, Senior Research Fellows

Ihalainen, Teemu: Mechanical Forces in Cells – Novel Co-regulators of Genome Organization and Gene Expression
Serra, Angela: Integrated Artificial Intelligence Modelling for Compound Development
Viiri, Keijo: Intestinal Signalling and Epigenetics

Society, Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Eiranen, Reetta: Gender, Experience and Ambivalent Nationalism in Nineteenth-century Finland
Helminen, Terhi: Psychophysiology in Detecting Socio-cognitive Difficulties in Toddlers – iContactASD
Suuronen, Ville: Democracy Without Liberalism: Toward a Political Theory of Illiberal Democracy

Society, Senior Research Fellows

Apperley, Thomas: From Facebook to Meta: The Metaverse and the Future of Personal Data and Online Misinformation
Bekhta, Natalya: After Utopia – Futural Imagination and the Literatures of the Former “Second World”
Joronen, Mikko: Dwelling Exposed: Posthuman Amputations, Affectual Disruptions, and Politics of Material Deprivation

In September, the new fellows of Tampere Institute for Advanced Study will be welcomed by an opening seminar, a mentoring programme, and discussions conducted with each fellow individually.