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Navigaattori's academic year starts in September: New facilities' opening ceremonies on 6 September, welcome!

Published on 6.9.2022
Tampere University
navigaattorin mainoskuva
The low-threshold support service Navigaattori opens its new facilities on the city centre campus' Linna building in September. The space offers a base of operations for Navigaattori's guidance and counselling services as well as for Teaching and Learning Centre's services for teachers. Navigaattori's services will continue online, as well.

The space ceremonially opens on Tuesday 6 September at 14-16. University vice president Marja Sutela will give the opening talk. Coffee is served at the event. If you cannot attend the opening ceremonies, you are welcome to explore the space and discuss Navigaattori's services on 6 September 12-14 and on 7 September at 10-12. All these events are open to both students and staff members.

The new Navigaattori space is located in the 1st floor lobby of the Linna building, next to the main entrance to the library. The space will host many different events and support sessions, outside of which it will be in free use for students and staff. 

During the first opening week, Navigaattori will host University-wide guidance and counselling services' introductory sessions to its own activities. In these open sessions you can chat with experts about the different guidance services which are open to all university students. Read more on Intra! Navigaattori's online sessions will also continue. The popular weekly Jodel AMAs will start on 1 September and will take place each Thursday at 13-14 on the @tampereenyliopisto -channel. Visit the session to chat with a student counsellor! Read more about Navigaattori on the service's own website.