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More workspaces for students opened in Linna Library!

Published on 19.9.2019
Tampere Universities
Vera työhuone
The library is responding to the numerous feedback received from its customers regarding the addition of working space. We will open as many as six new workspaces for students in Linna Library. All of these rooms are open to our students during the library opening hours.

The new premises are located on the 1st and 3rd floors of the Linna Library. The new space on the first floor is the Jussi (1051) room next to the Pohjantähti (North Star) reading area. Next to Jussi's neighbor you will find the new Ohjaamo (1050), which will be available only by reservation for personal teaching and guidance sessions .

On the third floor, the Alma classroom is adjacent to the “women's corner” rooms Vera (3058) and Lyyti (3057). Rokka, who has been in use for a long time, will of course get his fellow comrade Susi (3055). At the other end of the third floor, Pentinkulma (3023) and Torppa (3008) are open also.

All Library classrooms are also available freely for customers use outside reserved class times. 

Torppa ja Pentinkulma -työhuoneet
Pentinkulma ja Torppa workspaces. Torppa has a bright light cheering the space.

We will continue the theme of the Linna building and the new premises to be put into use will be named after the famous characters of Väinö Linna's literary production. In the Unknown Soldier, Vera is the woman Hietanen encounters in Petrozavodsk, and Lyyti is the wife of vice-sergeant Rokka in Kannas. Susi is a neighbor of Rokka and his inseparable partner in the war. The beginning of Under The Nordic Star -trilogy says all that is essential: "In the beginning there were marsh, hoe and Jussi." And Jussi sets up his own Torppa (farm) in the village of Pentinkulma.