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Minna Canth, Day of Equality and Library celebrated 19.3.

Published on 19.3.2019
Tampere Universities
Annually on March 19th, Minna Canth and Equality are being flagged. This year will celebrate both Minna Canth's 175th anniversary and the first Library Day. Libraries are major influencers in Finnish society and are constantly working to promote equality, parity and literacy. The day's hastag in the social media is #kirjastonpäivä

Minna Canth was born 175 years ago in Tampere. After that, Minna became an important social actor who fought tirelessly for the equality of the poor, women and girls rights. Minna Canth was the first Finnish-language newspaper writer woman, a major opinion-maker and mediator of European ideas. Minna was also an avid businesswoman and a tireless advocate of education. You can read more about her career at Minna Canth's society website (in Finnish).

Finnish libraries continue to advocate education and equality in society on the road marked by Canth. Libraries provide all citizens with an equal opportunity to educate and develop themselves, and find the verified information on various topics. Libraries provide all people access to their services regardless of wealth, background or gender. Celebrate Minna, equality and Libraries - Take a photo of your library for example and post it online with #kirjastopäivä !