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MET awards best dissertations and publications

Published on 27.11.2020
Tampere University
Laura Koivusalo, Jori Pesonen ja Elina Nummenmaa saivat väitöskirjapalkinnot
The Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology (MET) has awarded the best doctoral dissertations and publications of 2020.

The dissertation prizes went to the fields of biomedicine, life sciences and medicine.

Doctor of Science (Technology) Laura Koivusalo was awarded for her dissertation Biomaterial Scaffolds for Corneal Regeneration: Combining human stem cells and biomaterials for tissue engineering of the corneal epithelium and stroma. Koivusalo defended the dissertation in September.

Doctor of Philosophy Elina Nummenmaa was awarded for her dissertation TRPA1 as a Novel Factor and Drug Target in Osteoarthritis. The doctoral defence was organised in February.

Doctor of Medicine Jori Pesonen received an award for his dissertation Course and Consequences of Nocturia. He defended the dissertation in December 2019.

An article by Pia Kinaret, Giusy del Giudice and Dario Greco Covid-19 acute responses and possible long term consequences: What nanotoxicology can teach us received the award for the best publication in 2020. The article will be published in the Nano Today journal in December.

A commendation on a high-quality publication was given to the article Docetaxel versus surveillance after radical radiotherapy for intermediate-or high-risk prostate cancer - results from the prospective randomized, open-label phase III SPCG 13 trial. The article appeared in the European Urology journal 76/2019 and the authors are Pirkko-Liisa Kellokumpu-Lehtinen, Marie Hjälm-Eriksson, Camilla Thellenberg-Karlsson, Lennart Åst röm, Lars Franzen, Ann-Sofie Fransson, Markku J Leskinen, Mihalj Zeke, Teppo Huttunen, Claes Ginman on behalf of the Investigators of the Scandinavian Prostate Cancer Study no 13.

A commendation on a high-quality publication was given to the article A hexavalent Coxsackievirus B vaccine is highly immunogenic and has a strong protective capacity in mice and nonhuman primates. The article, which was published in the Science Advances journal was authored by Virginia M. Stone, Minna M Hankaniemi, Olli H Laitinen, Amirbabak SioofyKhojine, Ang Lin, Isabel Diaz Lozano, Magdalena A Mazur, Karin Loré, Heikki Hyöty, Vesa P. Hytönen, Malin Flodström-Tullberg.

A commendation on a high-quality publication was also given to the article Glioblastoma Multiforme Stem Cell Cycle Arrest by Alkylaminophenol through the Modulation of EGFR and CSC Signaling Pathways. The article, which was published in the Cells journal was written by Phuong Doan, Aliyu Musa, Akshaya Murugesan, Vili Sipilä, Nuno R. Ca ndeias, Frank Emmert-Streib, Pekka Ruusuvuori, Kirsi Granberg, Olli Yli-Harja and Meenakshisundaram Kandhavelu.


Photo: Jukka Lehtiniemi