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Library's Linna unit's refurnishing continues

Published on 6.9.2022
Tampere Universities
Many new light studying spots are already in use.

There are a lot of new studying spots and new furniture in Library's Linna unit. The new desks and chairs are mainly placed by the windows, so you can study enjoying the natural light. More changes, for example new sofas and additional bookshelves are coming in September and October.

Moving of the printed collections, which started last Spring, is mainly done. You'll find most of the books from a different shelf than before. We are still rearranging the non-loanable collections as journals and reference collection during this Autumn. Also, the history class (9) will move to a different location. We will later inform more about these changes locally.

Furnishing and other alteration work may unfortunately cause occasional noise. If you need a peaceful environment to study, you'll find it from the silent reading room and the 1st floor, where are no ongoing remodeling work.

Welcome to Linna to study!