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Innoheis project reacted quickly when corona took away summer jobs from students

Published on 29.9.2020
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
InnoHEIs project offered summer internships for students
International InnoHEIs project, coordinated by Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), responded quickly to the summer job loss of students caused by the corona epidemic. Two few weeks’ summer internships were offered from the project for students of TAMK's Industrial Technology.

Third year students Mikko Heinänen and Kasper Anttila took the opportunity offered by the project. They conducted a small innovation and research infrastructure survey to support the broader mapping done by the InnoHEIs project.

The project encourages companies to make greater use of higher education research, development and innovation services as well as learning and development environments.

“As a result of the students' work, we identified a few new environments of innovation. In addition, students supplemented the information we had previously collected”, says Timo Rainio, lecturer who guided the students.

“If necessary, the summer team may continue to participate in the project work as part of their studies.”

When corona took away summer jobs

For students, the project assignment was welcome. “Even a brief mandate like this opened eyes on the large scale of the innovation infrastructures in Pirkanmaa", says Kasper Anttila.

“I had agreed on a job as a mechanics designer for the summer. Eventually corona took away that job, so I was happy to go along when the school offered the opportunity for an internship", notes Mikko Heinänen.

“The experience was positive, and I recommend completing the internship in the school's projects for anyone who does not receive an internship for one reason or another", he points out.

Flexibility on both sides

“We aim to be reactive in projects. This time, on a fast schedule, we were able to offer two internships in the InnoHEIs project. If each project would be active in the same way, the student resources could be utilized well, and we would get a new, fresh perspective on the making”, Rainio sums up.

“For their part, students acted flexibly and stretched to good performance in a short period of time. From this we will also get experiences to share in TAMK's new RDI Academy, where students and projects will meet."


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