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How do I deal with loans and reservations in an exceptional situation?

Published on 16.3.2020
Tampere Universities
Corona maapallo
If you have respiratory symptoms or a febrile infection, or are quarantined due to exposure or in isolation, we ask that you follow the THL guidelines and not come to the library premises yourself or return quarantined material to the library premises.

Through this measure, we protect all our customers and our own staff and safeguard our services in accordance with the policies and guidelines of Tampere University.

If you have material on loan that can not be returned to the library due to an emergency and you are not able to renew the material online through our Andor service, you can always contact our customer service directly online, for example through our chat service, which serves now longer on every weekday from 8 to 17. 

In addition, you can reach our customer service by e-mail: library [at] and our service number tel. 0294 520 900. In all situations of concern, we will try to find a solution for you, so please contact the library!