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Entrepreneurial skills for future change makers – Y-kampus is now HUBS

Published on 29.1.2021
Tampere Universities
Y-kampus is now HUBS. HUBS will continue in coaching good entrepreneurship, with the students of Tampere University and TAMK. With trust in sustainable entrepreneurship and desire to help students to become socially responsible change makers.

Established in 2012, Y-kampus has been operating within the Tampere Universities community to impact the students’ beliefs about entrepreneurship and actively take down old stereotypes. Now, with renewed operations and name HUBS continues to empower the students and achieve a systemic change in the Tampere ecosystem.

“There are many different motives to consider entrepreneurship as a career choice. An increasing one is the willingness to make an impact and do meaningful things for value of others,” says Marika Vuorenmaa, team lead at HUBS.

Sustainable entrepreneurship and multidisciplinary learning 

HUBS helps the students at Tampere Universities to become socially responsible change makers and sustainable entrepreneurs. In HUBS, students can find multidisciplinary free-choice studies, tools, sparring and mentors for sustainable entrepreneurship and succeeding at work – strongly intertwined with the working life.

At these courses, students bring their own substance to the multidisciplinary teams, where they learn how to share their knowledge and to utilize their expertise and team skills. HUBS uses pedagogy of team learning and challenge-based learning in our courses, so the students can form a talent to succeed in complex environments and in the changing world. 

“It is not always easy to start working with team members not met before and do creative problem solving in a time pressured mode. However, this is exactly what the working life expects whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee,” says Minttu Ripatti, coach at HUBS.

HUBS studies strengthen meta-skills and support the students’ development also in their own disciplines. In addition to the courses, the team helps the students with entrepreneurial skills through sparring ideas, giving tools for entrepreneurial activities and guiding them to network with a range of mentors. HUBS aims to support the students to create a positive impact for themselves, their environment and for the planet.

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Marika Vuorenmaa, Team Leader at HUBS
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