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The development of the TUNICRIS research information system is progressing

Published on 25.2.2021
Tampere Universities
The data cleansing of the publication data and duplicates in TUNICRIS research information system is in process. The library's primary focus is on the publications from years 2019 and 2020 which are to be reported to the Ministry of Education and Culture's publication data collection on March 2021.

Publication data and self-archived versions of the articles from years 2019-2020 missing from TUNICRIS can still be added to TUNICRIS. The library will report publication data to the Ministry of Education and Culture on March 15th, and all the publication information should be saved to the TUNICRIS on March 9th 2021 at the latest. The library needs time to validate the publications which are to be reported.

Self-archived publications are not yet automatically transferred to the Trepo institutional repository. At the time the self-archived publications can be found in Trepo for those publications recorded in SoleCRIS and in TUTCRIS for those publications recorded to TUTCRIS. The library is working on getting the automatic transfer in use as soon as possible. In the future all self-archived publications can be found in Trepo.

According to Open Science Guidelines at the Tampere higher education community, each researcher should acquire an international ORCID researcher identifier and use it in all scientific activities. Publication data can be transfered automatically from TUNICRIS to ORCID. Take a look at our guide how to connet your ORCID with TUNICRIS.

Expert tasks from SoleCRIS will be transferred during the spring 2021. TUNICRIS public research portal will be opened to public later during the spring. The exact time will be announced later.

More information and links:

TUNICRIS guide: and cris.tau [at]


Self-archiving: ja oa [at]

Why ORCID iD?:; Add and connect your ORCID with TUNICRIS: ORCID Identifier - TUNICRIS Guide - Oppaat | Guides at Tampere University Library