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Brand survey: Tampere University of Applied Sciences is highly esteemed

Published on 9.5.2022
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Ilmakuva TAMKin pääkampukselta 2021.
Tampere University of Applied Sciences has the best reputation among Finnish universities of applied sciences. The trend has been steady and strong for years. TAMK was again the number one in the brand survey of spring 2022 based on the overall rating and most reputation factors.

The national brand survey of higher education institutions in Finland was made in February-March 2022 by Taloustutkimus. The survey had approximately 4,300 Finnish respondents in the 16-64 age group.  

TAMK has a strong reputation both among young and older respondents but especially under-30-year-old respondents rated TAMK among the top universities of applied sciences in most studied characteristics. There are 24 universities of applied sciences in Finland. The multidisciplinary TAMK is the second largest of them. 

Under-25-year-old respondents regarded TAMK as the most interesting university of applied sciences in Finland and gave it the overall rating of 8.02 on the scale 4-10. The city of Tampere, interesting fields of education and appreciation of degrees in the labour market were image factors which were most strongly connected to TAMK. 

TAMK’s overall image has remained on a good level for more than ten years. During the past years, appreciation of degrees in the labour market, international possibilities, availability of useful information on the website and positive exposure in the media and social media strengthened the most. 

“The history of our brand survey results shows that there is something in TAMK that carries us from year to year, also through difficult times,” tells Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ President Tapio Kujala

“It is especially great that young people see our strategically important areas, such as working life cooperation and internationality, in a positive light. We are also proud of our home city of Tampere and the Tampere Universities community for making students feel welcome.” 

Taloustutkimus has made the HEI brand survey since 2002. In spring 2022, it was made as an online survey.