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APC support funding pilot to start in September

Published on 20.8.2020
Tampere Universities
During the pilot phase the target group are grant holders at Tampere University.

During the autumn 2020, a central funding for covering article processing charges (APCs) of scientific articles will be piloted. The article processing charge is a fee that a publisher charges when an article is published openly in a fully Open Access journal or in a hybrid journal. The target group of the pilot are the grand holders who have a valid resource agreement with Tampere University. The pilot is running 1.9.-31.12.2020. 

Support funding for open access publishing of a scientific article will be granted when both the grant holder acting as a corresponding author and the article accepted for publication fulfil certain criteria. The criteria for funding are:

• The corresponding author is affiliated with Tampere University and the affiliation is given in the publication.

• The corresponding author has a valid resource agreement to work as a grant holder at Tampere University.

• Funding is available for peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers and chapters in books (publication types A1-A4 in the Ministry of Education’s publication data collection) that are published open access.

• The article is published in a Gold (fully) Open Access publication channel or in a hybrid channel. The hybrid channel is an acceptable choice when there are no high-quality OA channels in the field, the published doesn’t allow self-archiving or the embargo period applied is unreasonably long.

• The publication channel

- has Publication Forum level 1, 2 or 3 OR

- is indexed in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) OR

- is indexed in Scopus database OR

- has right to use the label for peer-reviewed scholarly publications by Federation of Finnish Learned Societies

• The APC invoice is directed to Tampere University and sent to the invoicing address of the University.

• The grant holder can apply APC support funding when the article is approved for publication.

• The grant holder must send the acceptance letter from the publisher when applying for support funding.

• The publisher invoices only for the APC, not other charges related to publishing. 


The criteria, application form (available 1.9.) and further information regarding the pilot are available in APC Support Funding guide.

All researchers in Tampere Higher Education Community are eligible for various discounts for article processing charges. More information about the discounts are available in the Library’s Open Access guide. Please remember, that all peer-reviewed scientific articles must be self-archived whether they are published openly or behind a paywall. 

Please contact oa [at] tuni.fitarget="_self" if you have questions about the APC support funding, APC discounts or any other matters related to Open Access publishing.