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Alma Talent e-book services have a new reading view and new notes

Published on 10.6.2019
Tampere Universities
Alma Talent
Alma Talent Fokus,Verkkokirjahylly and Bisneskirjasto have been renewed. The new reading view enhances usability and makes your own book entries more versatile.

On the left side of the new reading view is a function window where you can choose whether you want to read the entire width of the content area or view also the contents of the function window. In the action window, you will find a table of contents, keywords and the internal search function of the book.

The bookmark function is gone and you can now make bookmarks and notes on your books. They are available when you are logged in to Alma Talent's e-book services with your Tuni-id email. Your old bookmarks can be converted to notes if you have recovered your bookmark code.

So create a username for Alma Talent's services using the Tuni email address. In addition to saving notes, you can log on to Fokus, Verkkokirjasto and Bisneskirjasto anywhere and on any computer. The services also continue to operate based on IP authentication, both in the Tampere university network and in TAYS, as well as in remote access.

For more information:
Soile Kolehmainen, Information Specialist, soile.kolehmainen [at]

More information about the reform can be (only in Finnish)

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