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Kurssikirjahylly kuvattu vihreän koristepuun takaa.

Course books

Course books refer to the books that are part of the present curricula of the degree programmes of Tampere University or Tampere University of Applied Sciences. We primarily acquire an e-book as a course book if there is one available for organisational use. We supplement our e-course books collection with printed books. All course book info can be found in Andor search service.

Borrow or download

E-course books

The features and terms of use of e-books vary from publisher to publisher, you can find comprehensive instructions in our e-resource guide.

Printed course books

The loan period for the course books is 14 days. Overnight loans must be returned by 10 a.m. on the following opening day.

Course books in our units


In Arvo you can find the course books of medicine, life sciences, and health sciences as well as printed books belonging to the examination requirements of specialist and specialist dentist training.


In Hervanta you can find course books in various fields of engineering, as well as architecture, natural sciences, business, and management. Course books are located among the general collection, the borrowable course books are marked with yellow tape.

Course books and overnight loans can be found on the 0. floor of the library.



In Linna you can find the course books of leadership studies, education, natural sciences, communication, and social sciences. 

Course book and overnight loan are located on Linna’s first floor.


Course books of TAMK unit can be found among the general collection. They are marked with yellow and orange stickers.

Teacher, keep in touch

Learn about the principles of course book acquisition and let us know the new and exiting course books of your course units. We are happy to help with all course book matters at