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Tampere University Library

Erivärisiä kirjanselkämyksiä kirjaston hyllyssä.

Printed collections

Our Library's extensive printed collections support research, teaching and studying in various disciplines. Printed materials serve both the higher education community and our clients outside the community. All our printed materials with location information can be found in Andor search service.

Printed books

You can find thousands of printed books in different subject areas in our collections. All our books can be found in Andor search service, where you can search for an individual title and information on various topics. The loan period for books in the general collection is 28 days and 14 days for the course books. Overnight loans of course books must be returned by 10 a.m. on the following opening day.

Newspapers and journals

In our Library you can find a comprehensive collection of domestic and foreign journals. Location information for printed journals and links to e-journals can be found in Andor search service. Printed journals cannot be borrowed, but you can copy and scan them on the library premises.

Special collections

Vita collection

TAMK unit’s Vita collection includes biographies, non-fiction and fiction related to health, life and humanity. The loan period for Vita books is 28 days, you can find them in Andor search service.

Lux collection

Lux is a collection of science fiction and comics located in Hervanta unit. The loan period for Lux books is 28 days, you can find the books in Andor search service.

Linna's collections

There are several special and donated collections in Linna unit, these collections can only be read on the library premises. Ask for more information at Linna's customer service.

TUT collection

includes TUT's master's theses, licentiate work and doctoral dissertations as well as study handouts, department reports and other publications from the former Tampere University of Technology. You can find the materials in Andor search service.